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Because lessons have been very sparce so far this year, I am setting up lesson times by reservation only. First come, first serve.
Lesson times: I would like to use the 3:30 times first. I think the 3:30 time slots work the best for most of you. But, if you need the 4:30 time, we can use it. (no 4:30 on Tuesdays)

Lessons will be 50 or 55 minutes each.  I am not reserving the same weekly time unless a student is wanting a lesson every week!  Email me or call me to set up for a "every week" lesson time. These students will get prioity for lesson times.   For those of you who want lessons every other week or on a "every now and then" set up, you will need to check for availiable times, then email me your request for a lesson. I will reply to your email and post your time on this page so that you can verify your lesson time. 

Lessons will be $30 apiece. If you request a time you are responsible for it. If you do a no-show, you still owe me for the lesson. Please contact me prior to the lesson if you are sick and unable to attend your lesson and we can re-schedule it.

Here is a list of my students. If you are not on this list and would like a lesson, you should call me. (345-7308)
Rowan, Kyle, Collin, Mason, Billy, Daphne, Tyler  (click on students name for more info)

email me at  

Here are the available times:


            Monday                        Tuesday                    Wednesday                  Thursday
            3:30 - _______             
3:30 - _____              3:30 - _______            3:30 - _______

            4:30 - _______  
                                            4:30 - _______            4:30 - _______

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