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Spencer Butte Jazz Band
  Great Job at the Arts Cabaret !!!
The Band did a wonderful job.

click "here" for this years roster of players.

      click "here" for previous years band rosters.

There are now some listening examples for this band and the South band. Click on the "Listening Examples" link above. A password is required to listen to these examples. I will be adding more examples each week.

Jazz Band Fee
The funding for Jazz Band comes mostly from parents.  The cost this year will be $50 per student.  Checks should be made to Spencer Butte Middle School and given to Ron Black.  If a parent would like to donate additional money to help students that cannot afford the full cost, it would be greatly appreciated.  If you are not in a position to pay the yearly cost please talk to Ron.  We really want every student who wants to play in a band to have the opportunity to do so.
Upcoming Events and Rehearsals:
All rehearsals are at Spencer Butte at 7:45 a.m.

        Great Year everyone!!!!

Tuesday October 2nd - Rehearsal
Tuesday October 9th - Rehearsal
Tuesday October 16th - Rehearsal
Tuesday October 23rd - Rehearsal
Tuesday October 30th - Rehearsal
Tuesday November 6th - Rehearsal
Thursday November 8th - Auditions for Bass & Drums
Tuesday November 13th - Rehearsal
Thursday November 15th - Rehearsal
Tuesday November 20th - Rehearsal - all members
Thursday November 22nd - No Rehearsal/No school
Tuesday November 27th - Rehearsal
Thursday November 29th - Rehearsal
Tuesday December 4th - Rehearsal
Thursday December 6th
Rehearsal - (Hashem)
Tuesday December 11th -
Rehearsal - (Hashem)
Thursday December 13th Rehearsal - (Hashem)
Tuesday December 18th -
Rehearsal                             Thursday December 20th Rehearsal
******  Concert - Friday December 21st  ******
at SB during school assembly (1:45)
Tuesday January 8th - Rehearsal
Thursday January 10th - Rehearsal
Tuesday January 15th - Rehearsal
Thursday January 17th - Rehearsal
Saturday January 19th - LCC Jazz Festival !!
No rehearsals this week. (Jan 22nd & 24th)
Tuesday Jan 29th - Rehearsal Canceled for weather
Thursday Jan 31st - Rehearsal
Tuesday Feb 5th  - Rehearsal
Thursday Feb 7th - Rehearsal
Tuesday Feb 12th  - Rehearsal
Thursday Feb 14th - Rehearsal
Tuesday Feb 19th  - Rehearsal
Thursday Feb 21st - Performance at the Spencer Butte
Band Festival (at Spencer Butte)
Tuesday Feb 26th  - Rehearsal
Thursday Feb  28th - Rehearsal
Tuesday Mar 4th  - Rehearsal
Wednesday March 5th  Roaring Rapids Pizza 
Thursday Mar  6th - No Rehearsal - sleep in!
Tuesday Mar 11th  - Rehearsal
Thursday Mar  13th - Rehearsal
Tuesday Mar 18th  - Rehearsal
Thursday Mar  20th - Rehearsal

** Spring Break - March 22nd -April 1st **
Tuesday Apr 1st  - Rehearsal
Thursday Apr 3rd - Rehearsal
Tuesday Apr 8th  - Rehearsal
Thursday Apr 10th - Rehearsal
Tuesday Apr 15th  - Rehearsal
Wednesday April 16th - Evening Band Concert
             w/Bands 1 & 2 and Jazz Band
Thursday Apr 17th - Rehearsal
  ***** Saturday May 19th  ******
at the Little Theatre at South Eugene High,

Spencer Butte, South Jazz Bands 1 & 2
Tuesday Apr 22nd  - Rehearsal - 8th graders
Thursday Apr 24th - No Rehearsal
           (Reno Jazz Festival)
Tuesday Apr 29th - Rehearsal
Thursday May 1st - Rehearsal
Tuesday May 6th - Rehearsal
Wednesday May 7th
*****  Spencer Butte Arts Cabaret *****
Thursday May 8th - No Rehearsal
Tuesday May 13th  - Rehearsal 
Thursday May 15th - Rehearsal
May 20th  - Rehearsal - 8th graders
Thursday May 22nd - Rehearsal  - 6th & 7th graders
Tuesday May 27th  - Rehearsal  -8th graders
Thursday May 29th - Rehearsal  - 6th & 7th graders
 Tuesday Jun 3rd  - Rehearsal  - Everyone, including new recruits for next year
Thursday Jun 5th - Rehearsal  - Everyone, including new recruits for next year
Thursday June 5th - SB Final Band Concert              

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