Here are some pics of me and some friends I have made along the way.

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This page is a work in progress. I will be adding more pics along the way.


Jazz Kings:
                                                                                I believe I am playing Tommy Dorsey's
                                                                                                                    "Song of India"

       jk 1        jk 2

Mike Davis came to Eugene for a concert did a clinic at South Eugene High School.
                                   back row - Ron, Paul, Mike, ?, Aaron
                                     front row - Ray, me, Steve, Oje

                       mike davis

Mississippi Queen and American Queen Paddlewheel Boats:
Here are two of the three bands I played on while working for the Delta Queen Steamboat Company aboard the Americian Queen and the Mississippi Queen Steampowered Paddle Wheel Boats.
               Dave Post's band                                                  Steve Spencer's group
post band                  cloud's

    We had a lot of guest band come aboard the riverboats. Our favorite was the Tommy Dorsey Band led by Buddy Morrow.
    When they were aboard we all had a good time.  Through this band I got to know Dave Perrico, Damon Gilbert, and Tom           Kasperek. I played with Damon(Dave Post group, above) and Tom (Steve Spencer group)on the riverboats and Dave on the         Crystal Harmony.                                                  I also played several "Battle of the Bands" on embarcation day in New                                                                                      Orleans with this wonderful trombone player, who I am sorry to say, that                       hangin' with Buddy                              at this time I cannot remember his name.
                 buddy                                                                                            nola bone

Crystal Harmony:
Here is one of the many incarnations of the House Band aboard the Crystal Harmony.
          galaxy orch

S.S. Norway:
While I was playing in the house big band onboard the S.S. Norway we got to back up Las Vegas acts and some jazz ledgends during the 2 week annual Floating Jazz Festival at Sea. We would often be augmented by a guest rhythm section and become various bands. We were the Clark Terry big band,
Ed Shaughnessy Band,
the Benny Goodman Orchestra, the Erskine Hawkins Orchestra, the Ray Anthony Orchestra. I got to meet and hang out with some really great musicians.

     Doc Cheatham         Erskine Hawkins         trombonist Dick Griffin          Red Holloway
doc cheeatam   erskine h    dick g   red h
Besides the above musicians, I also met Al Grey, Dick Hyman, Clark Terry, Benny Carter, Red Rodney, Flip Phillips, Milt Hinton, Dexter Gordon, Phil Woods, Lou Donaldson, Illinois Jacquet, Sam Rivers, and more that I cannot think of right now.        

 Let's see, I live onboard a ship that is sailing the Caribbean, all my meals are prepared for me, someone else cleans my room, I can sleep in every day, I play lead trombone in a big band every night, I find myself sitting on a beautiful beach in the Bahamas chatting with Dizzy Gillespie. Is this a GREAT gig or what?      


                 I was asked to play lead trombone with what was called the "Lionel Hampton All-Star Band" aboard the SS Norway. This pic is not very clear, but that is me standing up playing a solo. The bone section was me, Al Grey, Al Grey's son, and the bass bone player from the Toshiko Akiyoshi Big Band. Jon Faddis was playing lead trumpet. That is Lionel on drums out front. I believe it was Keeter Betts on bass, and Ben Riley on drums. (Lionel fell asleep twice during the concert)

                        lionel hampton

Back in Columbus, Ohio:
I was able to visit with Basie when he came for a concert in Columbus Ohio while I was in college. I also met him again while I was on tour with the Guy Lombardo Orchestra. We played the "Carousel in the Round ", which is somewhere in New England, on a Friday and the Basie band played the next night. We were able to meet most of the band and watch a rehearsal they did with Nancy Wilson during the day on Saturday. He sat and talked to us for about 20 minutes or so.
                w/basie 1                         us and basie

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