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Spencer Butte Jazz Band

here is this years band:
flute -
   Mariah Bloom (8)
   Leni Ament
clarinet -
   Elise Pierce
alto sax -
    Ben McTaggart (8)
   Simon Sjostrom (7)
   Carson Schmittle
tenor sax -
   Dana McWayne
   Ellie Tenney (7)
   Gobind Ollek (8)
bari sax -
   Amiri Rivers
trumpet -
   *Evan McWilliams 
   Daniel Rogers (6)
   Miles Wright
   Robert Kalnbach (7)
   David Holland (7)
trombone -
   Somer Hornbuckle
   Aaron Rogers (7)
   Caleb Schultz (7)
guitar -
piano -
   Claire Brase
   Evan Young (7)
bass -
   Anthony Herring
   Noah Kochevar (8)
   Eli Henderson
   Tomer Vagner (7)

      click "here" for previous years band rosters.

For listening examples for this band click on the "Listening Examples" link above. A password is required to listen to these examples. I will be adding more examples each week.

Jazz Band Fee
The funding for Jazz Band comes mostly from parents.  The cost this year will be $75 per student.  Checks should be made to Spencer Butte Middle School and given to Glenn.  If a parent would like to donate additional money to help students that cannot afford the full cost, it would be greatly appreciated.  If you are not in a position to pay the yearly cost please talk to Glenn.  We really want every student who wants to play in a band to have the opportunity to do so.

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