Stan Kenton

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Stan Kenton, The Best of
    1.   Artistry in Rhythm   
     2.   Eager Beaver
     3.   Artistry Jumps
     4.   Painted Rhythm
     5.   Intermission Riff
     6.   Collaboration
     7.   Lover
     8.   Unison Riff
     9.   The Peanut Vendor
  10.    Interlude
  11.   Love For Sale
  12.   Laura
  13.   23 Degrees North    check out the trombones at the top and solos by Frank Rosolino and Lee Konitz (coming to the Reno Jazz Fest)
  14.   Invention For Trumpet and Guitar
     Featuring Maynard Ferguson
  15.   Stompin at the Savoy     Bill Holman chart, one of my favorites

  16.   La Suerte de los Tontos
  17.   Waltz of the Prophets
  18.   Malaguena


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