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Final Band Concert
             1.  Saint Louis Blues   featuring Casey Riley
             2.  Jumpin' at the Woodside

Live from "Cosmic Pizza", May 24th, 2008
              1.    This Can't Be Love
              2.    Meditation
              3.    The Mooche
              4.    Alright, Ok, You Win
              5.    Our Romance
              6.    St. Louis Blues   featuring Casey Riley
              7.    Afternoon in Paris   featuring Walter Bender
              8.    Blues in Frankie's Flat
              9.    Latin Lattitude
            10.    Intermission Riff

    Saxes: Sage Newell, *Aaron Cole, *Julian Nin, Jenny Nordquest, Forrest Brady, Eric Bronson
    Trumpets: Casey Riley, Evan Clark, Jordan Seidmon, *Ben Caizza, *Vincent Kelley
    Trombones: Kyle Nystrom, Rowan Lockery, Collin McElroy, Chris Shuttleworth, Ken Schindler (horn)
    Rhythm:     Stuart Mitchell  -piano, Walter Bender - vibes & percussion,
                       Alex DeMaderious - bass, *Glenn Griffith - drums
    *subbing for this event
    jazz band members not on this recording - Ben Hjelm, Nat ?    , Alex Huber
    # 3, 5, 7, & 8 arranged by Glenn Griffith, # 9 composed and arranged by Glenn Griffith

Reno Jazz Festival  4/26/08
            This is availiable on CD!!! Get you own copy for $5.

"Gettin' Ready for Reno"  4/20/08 at SEHS Little Thearte
    1. Afternoon in Paris
    2. Easy Street
    3. Latin Lattitude
    4. Blues in Frankie's Flat 

South Eugene Jazz Cabaret Feb 22nd, 2008
            1.  The Mooche
            2.  Latin Escapade
            3.  Alright, Ok, You Win

Oregon Jazz Festival: Jan 18th, 2008
          1.  The Mooche
          2.  My Romance
          3.  Intermission Riff

Here are the two songs from the December 6th concert at South.
           My Romance          Intermission Riff

Here is Stan Kenton' Intermission Riff. You can listen to a collection of Stan Kenton on the Listening page.

Stan Kenton - Intermission Riff

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